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Turn your handwriting into an OpenType font that you can use in every program you own in 4 simple steps. The fonts will work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Get a free preview and if satisfied, you can download your font for only $14.95(US).

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It's a simple 4-step process...


Download PDF Template

In this step, you download and print a PDF template. On this template, enter the various letters of the alphabet in your own handwriting. Ensure that the document is printed on a very clean piece of paper with no specks. Also, take care to write down the letters inside the designated cell areas without touching any of the grid lines.


Upload Handwriting For Font Conversion

Once you have printed the PDF template and entered the various numbers and letters in your handwriting, it is time to upload this document. To do this, scan the template as an image file with a reasonable resolution of beween 150-200 dpi. While scanning the document, make sure that the document is not cropped in any way so that all the template borders and grid lines are visible. The file formats that are supported are .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .png.


Free Handwriting To Font Preview

Our script will now process the scanned image of the handwriting template and convert this to a font. But before you can download it, ensure that all the characters are to your requirement and liking. Use our free preview tool to check how your font looks. If in case there were minor specks in the uploaded document, these may have become part of the font. In that case, you may repeat the process to ensure you download the perfect handwriting font.


Download & Install Font

If the previewed font looks good, it is time to download and install the font to your computer. We offer our font generation tool for just $14.95. If you have any questions regarding our services, do not forget to check out our frequently asked questions section.

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